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Seeking a Visionary Leader: Apply for the CEO Role at Caring Hands Outreach Center

Caring Hands Outreach Center is looking for an exceptional individual to lead the charge as our new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). If you're passionate about positively impacting your community, this might be the opportunity you've been waiting for.

About the Role

As the CEO of Caring Hands, you'll be the driving force behind our mission. You'll oversee every facet of the organization to ensure we stay true to our vision, mission, and values. But there's more to it than that. We're seeking a mature and dedicated follower of Christ, someone with unwavering integrity and a heart full of compassion for our neighbors in need.

Your Responsibilities

- Lead our fantastic team.

- Execute our strategic plan.

- Be an ace communicator.

- Forge and maintain vital community connections.

- Embrace an entrepreneurial mindset for our growth.

- Get involved in marketing and fundraising because we're all in this together.

The application period has closed. Please join us in prayer as our hiring team seeks God's will about who would next lead Caring Hands Outreach Center.


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