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Making Our Community a Better Place

As citizens of a community, we have the opportunity to make it a

better place. While philanthropy can play a significant role in community betterment, often it can be the gift of time that greatly impacts the people within the community.

As Christians, we have the perfect example of living out community betterment; Jesus said, "Love your neighbor as yourself." Serving others selflessly can also bring additional benefits.

Impact Your Community

If you want to make a real, lasting difference in your community, volunteer. Angela Jiskoot, Volunteer Iowa Commission Vice-Chair, says, "Volunteering is critical for our communities and our state. Giving back has a significant impact on meeting community needs and has a positive impact on both the receiver and the individual volunteers. Without a strong volunteer base, many organizations and communities couldn't operate or provide the services needed."

Make New Friends

If you're looking to broaden your network or find people with similar interests, volunteering is a great outlet. Serving hand-in-hand with strangers can create lasting friendships with those you may not have otherwise met.

Share Your Expertise

God has uniquely gifted each of us with skills and abilities. Your area of giftedness may be related to your career, or something completely different. Use those skills to make your community a better place. Better yet, use your skills to make someone's life just a little bit better. Altoona Police Lieutenant Alyssa Wilson reminds us, “What’s great about volunteering is you don’t need a degree, certificate, or be an expert in a specific subject - you just need a servant’s heart.”

Find New Opportunities

When you volunteer, new doors open. You can widen your social network, learn more about a cause that matters to you, or finally talk to that person you see walking around the neighborhood. Who knows - you may even meet a future colleague or spouse!

Lieutenant Wilson sums it up well, “I believe volunteering goes beyond the basic definition. It’s about being selfless and serving others with no personal motive. The heart of many organizations is the volunteers. You may not know them or see them, but their countless hours of serving is the product of the impact.”

We at Caring Hands welcome your support, whether it is prayerful, philanthropic, or the gift of your time.


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