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Volunteer Spotlight - Marv Wood

Our volunteers allow Caring Hands to run smoothly, and we are so grateful for their faithfulness. We'd like you to meet one of those faithful volunteers, Marv Wood. After retiring from teaching, Marv sought a way to serve the community. We are so grateful he came to Caring Hands.

When did you begin volunteering at Caring Hands?

June of 2022

What is your church home?

Altoona Methodist Church

What inspired you to serve at Caring Hands?

I retired from teaching and have been a substitute for the last eight years. I was looking for some way to serve Jesus. The Bible says we should help the less fortunate, and I was looking for some kind of physical activity that I could help people and serve them. I knew Caring Hands was that kind of place, so I decided to apply. I knew many people in my church either worked here or donated food and clothing here. I wanted to be a part of something special.

What do you typically do when you volunteer?

It varies from day to day. Brent, our warehouse leader, lets me know who needs help, whether in the garden, the warehouse, or elsewhere. Most days, I fill gaylord boxes to free up space in the warehouse.

Tell us about a time you were blessed by your work as a volunteer at Caring Hands.

I have been moved by how many people donate their time and work hard for the Lord. I see two people around 90 still working hard and sharing their faith while serving others. I then realize what a good and faithful servant truly is. I see smiles on the faces of people coming out of the food pantry and Secondhand Treasures and know that this place is performing needed services for our community.

What do you wish people knew about Caring Hands?

I want everyone to know they can shop in Secondhand Treasures. And when you donate items or make a purchase, it helps fund Caring Hands to serve more people. It is a win-win!

Tell us one thing most people don't know about you.

I'll share two! I'm a Sunday School teacher and officiate varsity football, basketball, and volleyball.


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