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The Gardens at Caring Hands

The Power of Gardens for Food Pantries 

Food insecurity is a growing issue in Iowa communities, leaving many individuals and families struggling to put food on the table. While our food pantries play an important role in providing essential support, we rely on donations and may only sometimes have fresh produce available. This was the inspiration for the Caring Hands Garden. 

We knew that having a garden on our property would be a great way to provide fresh, healthy produce for those in need. It provides a more diverse selection of foods and ensures that our visitors can access the nutrients found in locally grown produce they need to maintain their health. Our food pantry visitors deserve to have access to fresh, healthy food. 

In addition to providing fresh produce, our gardens also offer a number of other benefits. We are less reliant on supply chains, the food produced can be distributed at little cost to us, and they provide an opportunity for community engagement, allowing volunteers to come together to support a common cause. 

Educational Opportunities at Caring Hands Gardens

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