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Volunteer Spotlight - Tom Bylund

It takes over 200 volunteers a year to keep Caring Hands running smoothly. We are grateful for every person who generously gives their time to mobilize compassion towards our neighbors in eastern Polk County. People like Tom Bylund, who choose to be a blessing to others in the name of Jesus, are found serving in all capacities at Caring Hands. Get to know Tom in this volunteer spotlight.

Where do you work?

I'm retired.

What is your church home?

Altoona United Methodist Church

How long have you been serving at Caring Hands?

Since August 2021.

What inspired you to serve at Caring Hands?

After my retirement, I made it a priority in my life to help others and share the blessings that I have received. Caring Hands is an ideal choice to fulfill those priorities.

What do you typically do when you volunteer?

I primarily help with maintenance needs around the building.

Tell us about a time you were blessed by your work as a volunteer at Caring Hands.

I feel blessed by my work at Caring Hands when there is a one-on-one interaction with a person. All people need help, and if I can fulfill a need, that is God's work and a Christian's mission.

What do you wish people knew about Caring Hands?

The many services and avenues of assistance Caring Hands provides to our neighbors.

Tell us one thing most people don't know about you.

I'm new to Altoona. My wife and I moved here a year ago to be closer to our grandkids.


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