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Volunteer Spotlight - Carole & George Main

Caring Hands runs on volunteers. They allow our various programs to run smoothly and we are so grateful for the many volunteers God has provided. Meet two of these faithful volunteers, George and Carole Main, who desire to serve Jesus by serving their neighbors.

What is your church home? Christ the King Lutheran Church in Altoona.

How long have you been volunteering at Caring Hands?

We started volunteering in September of 2014.

What inspired you to serve at Caring Hands?

Carole: We have been blessed and wanted to be a blessing to others. George: I wanted to do more to serve our Lord in the community.

What do you typically do when you volunteer?

Carole: When neighbors come to the food pantry for assistance, I help them select food.

George: I greet our neighbors when they come to the food pantry. I help them get setup in our computer system and make them feel welcome.

Tell us about a time you were blessed by your work as a volunteer at Caring Hands.

Carole: A lady came in who was down on her luck. Everything she counted on was gone. She shared her tears with us explaining that she used to help people in need and now she is the one who needs help. We were able to encourage her and help her with her needs.

George: It’s always a blessing when someone asks if we would pray for them.

What do you wish people knew about Caring Hands?

We are available to help people in need of food, clothing, and limited financial assistance.

Tell us one fun fact about you.

Carole: I love to read mysteries and Christian inspirational stories.

George: We are also information volunteers at the Iowa State Fair each year.


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