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More Than Just a Food Pantry

Many people think of Caring Hands as a food pantry. While that’s not wrong, it’s only a part of how we mobilize compassion towards our neighbors. Here is a story from Barron Geiger, a frequent volunteer and board member here at Caring Hands.

Cindy (not her real name) was an infrequent visitor at our food pantry. When she checked in, we asked her how many people were in her family, and she told us there were four. Because of the pandemic, she returned to her car to await her food request.

The amount of food our pantry visitors select is dependent on the size of their family. Our records showed that Cindy had five family members. I went to her car to make sure I heard her correctly. When I told her our system said five family members and not four, she began to weep. Cindy had lost her baby months earlier and was deeply grieving.

My heart broke for her and her family. I spent some time talking with her and asked her if I could pray with her. She eagerly accepted my offer and allowed me to pray that God would be her comfort and draw her close.

Yes, we are here to feed people. But our mission is to mobilize compassionate service towards our neighbors. Sometimes that means spending time with a grieving mother and sharing the love of Jesus with those who don’t yet know Him.

We often hear stories like Barron’s. People are getting assistance with food, but they’re getting so much more. Thank you for praying that God will bring many more people like Cindy to Caring Hands so that we can be the hands and feet of Jesus to them.

Please consider donating to Caring Hands today and helping us mobilize compassionate service towards our neighbors.


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