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Historic Table at Secondhand Treasures

Thanks to your donations, Secondhand Treasures has a wide variety of inventory. Everything from comfy couches to kids' clothes enables Caring Hands to serve our neighbors in need. Sometimes we see unique items with interesting stories. We recently received a table that appears ordinary on the surface. But look a little closer; you'll find a remarkable story.

This beautiful American Empire table is made from solid mahogany and was fully restored by Steve Wallace, our resident furniture expert. He also shared its unique history.

"This table was built in 1820. For many years, the table resided in the estate of George Meade, a Union General esteemed as one of the most important commanders in the Civil War. He famously defeated Robert E. Lee and the Army of Northern Virginia at the Battle of Gettysburg.

For years, the table resided in an estate steeped in history. The family's history can be traced back to Meade's paternal grandmother, who first traveled to America with William Penn, the man for whom Pennsylvania was later named, and to seven signatories of the Declaration of Independence. And the first piece of furniture sold from this estate went for a million dollars. That puts it in some impressive company."

We are so pleased that such a unique piece of history found its way through our doors. Looking at the history of this table brought us to an essential question about the idea of value. After all, many of our shoppers could walk right past it and see just an ordinary table. It is beautifully designed, fully restored, and will do a great job holding up your dining ware, but you could say that about all our tables.

The value found in this American Empire table comes from its rich history, the remarkable stories of its owners, and how it was passed down to provide a glimpse into the past.

Not every item at Secondhand Treasures has a unique story like our American Empire table. Still, we cannot emphasize enough that every item brings our ministry meaningful value. The money from thrift store sales provides Caring Hands with a significant amount of our revenue. That means every item you purchase is one of the most potent resources for funding our food pantries, Uplift Program, and other ministry efforts.

Our inventory at Secondhand Treasures is frequently updated. And we have special sales each month. If you'd like to receive advance notice of upcoming sales at Secondhand Treasures, click here to sign up.

We are deeply humbled and thankful for those who faithfully support our ministry. As an organization looking to point others toward Christ, our most significant value lies in our wonderful supporters who join us in reaching our neighbors with compassionate care.


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